Patched by Mic Delgado |

PATCHED by MicDelgado

Introducing 10 essential patched presets for FL Studio Patcher, perfect for the Mixing and Mastering needs of every beginner and professional Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and independent Artist all over the world. Patched and designed by Mic Delgado himself, aimed to have an ergonomic and straightforward look — with a modern energetic vibe, reimagined for an engaging and efficient user-experience, a faster workflow along with lower CPU usage compared to third-party plugins in the market. Feel the powerful set of plugins inside FL Studio, all native and patched, with no installations needed — and experience loving something you never wanted before.


We guarantee these simple yet innovative plugins will make your mix improve to a higher level, because that's what we're all aiming for — a better and more professional production we know we can all achieve. And we understand that, we made it easier for everybody. Now that we can, let's reach greatness together like how it should be!


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  • ✓ The Perfect Mixing Strip

    ✓ The Mixing Monitor

    ✓ The Noise Gate

    ✓ The L/R Reverb

    ✓ The DeEsser

    ✓ The L/R Delay

    ✓ The Kick Sauce

    ✓ The Basic Compressor

    ✓ The Bass Sauce

    ✓ The Vocal Perfect

    ✓ The Sauce Collective

    ✓ 30-Band Graphic Equalizer (Stereo)

    ✓ 30-Band Graphic Equalizer (M/S)

    ✓ 30-Band Graphic Equalizer (L/R)


    • FL Studio version 12.3.1 registration or higher needed.

    • FL Studio Patcher Plugin

    • Patched by works inside FL Studio both under Windows and macOS

    • General FL Studio system requirements apply

    • The more powerful your CPU, the more instruments and effects you can run.

    • For in-app purchases: Internet Explorer 11 or higher