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His Story

Mic Delgado (also known as Joseph Michael Delgado), is a Philippine based Music Producer and Filipino Audio Engineer. His skill set includes Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Composing, Songwriting, Beat-making and Plugin Design. He completed course certificate from Berklee College of Music for The Art of Music Production, a program directed by the award-winning composer, musician, producer, and engineer — Mr. Stephen Webber. And for The Technology of Music Production course completion, instructed by associate professor in the Contemporary Writing & Production department at Berklee College of Music — Mr. Loudon Stearns. Mic also received the certification of completion for Digital Audio Production Online Workshop on Recording, Editing and Mixing instructed by YAVL Training Center's CEO, Mr. Mark Yulo himself, and co-instructed by the  bonafide member of Sound Technology Institute of the Philippines, Inc. — Mr. Anthony P. Yabes. Mic received his training with a certified completion of online courses for Music Production + Mixing in FL Studio and Logic Pro X from Digital Music Masters, instructed by Mr. Tomas George, Christopher Carvalho and Ian Alexander.

Throughout his professional and non-professional career, Mic has been involved in production of single, EP and album focused on hip-hop, pop, OPM and rock music — he's experienced to work with independent and professional artists/bands to reach the potential of their records for commercial release.  He also produce his own beats, with a variety of genre — geared with music industry top brands like Waves Plugins, FL Studio 20, M-Audio, JBL, Focusrite, Sennheiser, Samson, Izotope, Logic Pro X. To see the production career of Mic Delgado, click here.

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 Music is Colourful

Mic believes an Audio Engineer/Music Producer should be the extension of an artist/band for the musical and technical aspect of music production, while bringing the professional touch on your songs; he aims to be the best in the Philippine music industry for Mixing, and Mastering music inside-the-box.

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Mic attended the Power Mac Center Sync Sessions Masterclass for Logic Pro X instructed by Philippines' Top Artist: "Mr. Pure Energy" — Mr. Gary Valenciano.
Mic Delgado About Music Software & Hardware
 Production Credits

Mic Delgado Production Discography where he served artists as a Composer, Producer, Recording, Mixing and/or Mastering Engineer.

Mic Delgado About Music Gears & Equipments

Production Samples

Mic Delgado About Music Gears & Equipments

 Gears & Equipments

Mic Delgado FL Studio DAW


FL Studio 20.8

Mic Delgado is using a licensed FL Studio 20.8 Producer Edition latest version with Complete Native Plugins, and Sound Packs to produce his music. From composing, recording, mixing and mastering, FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) complete with all-around workflow setting for an independent Music Producer like Mic. From a hobby to a Professional career with years of experience in FL Studio, Mic knows the in-and-outs of the software and still continues to learn, alongside the constant improvements done by the developers in Imageline. 

Mic Delgado FL Studio Music Audio Production
Mic Delgado Waves Audio Plugins


Waves Audio

Along with his DAW, Mic Delgado also use Waves Audio Plugins in his arsenal which are also used by the Best and Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineers in the music industry for decades. Trusted and reliable, the set of plugins from Waves Plugins can be considered industry's standard for years. Including the SSL 4000 Plugin Collection, Waves Gold Bundle, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain,  Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, C6 Multiband Compressor, Kramer Master Tape,  Scheps 73, Waves Tune, and Waves Tune Real-Time, Mic is equipped with Analog sounding collection plugins inside the box. 

Mic Delgado Izotope Suite Elements Audio Plugins
Izotope Suite
To complete his arsenal and as a cherry on top, the Izotope Suite. The Most Pristine and Easiest Modern Set of Plugins in the Audio Production Market, including the Ozone, Neutron, RX, and Nectar. The advanced technology Izotope offers is now being used by beginners and professional Music Producers all over the world. No producer will get their mix and master wrong with these plugins in their toolbox. It's basically the audio machine listening to your music to lead you on the right path, to get your music and tracks sounding professional!
Mic Delgado About Music Software & Hardware
 Software & Hardware
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